Choose from two CRM Science Accelerators

or let us build you a custom developed app.

The CRM Science Accelerators apply our time-proven formulaic approach to AppExchange App development, which can bring your services and data to Salesforce customers faster.

Connector Accelerator


App "Home" (App/Tab pair to provide more, if any, information about configuration or next steps)
Salesforce Org Creation and feature enablement (packaging, development, and testing orgs, enablement of License Management App/“LMA”, etc.)

Partner Registration and AppExchange Business Plan requirements

Security Review

Partner Community AppExchange Listing Guidance/Coaching

Documentation and Client Team Readiness

Canvas Accelerator


Get all the Connector Accelerator benefits PLUS:
Dedicated Canvas Tab and Page (Provides user access to your content)

App Configuration Tab (Separate or expansion of the App "Home" Tab for any app-specific configurable options)
Customer Beta Strategy and Support

Custom Application

Ask Us

Get all the Canvas Accelerator benefits PLUS:
Advanced custom objects and fields
Custom Automation Logic (Triggers, Workflows, etc)
Flexible Lightning Components
Advanced Canvas App data requirements
Advanced Authentication

In-app Support Logs

Integrations to External Services.

Custom Data Mapping (object, field, and values)

Additional AppExchange Listing Features Like Demo and Test Drive Orgs

Jump start your AppExchange journey

with an expertly built accelerator.

You’ve got the idea. We’ve got the formula.

Some of Our AppExchange Clients

White glove program for AppExchange success.

Experience a shorter path to the AppExchange.

Creating an AppExchange App can be a timely and costly endeavor if not planned for and approached in the right way. The progression from app concept to a sustainable app in your customers’ orgs is a many-step process.
Both accelerators and custom development projects include expertly developed applications and our white glove program that includes, among others:
  • Partner registration to become part of the Salesforce partner ecosystem.
  • App development with emphasis on maximum Salesforce org compatibility in mind.
  • AppExchange Security Review.
  • Creation of an optimized AppExchange App Listing.


At CRM Science, we use our Salesforce expertise to transform your enterprise. Partnering with our clients throughout the Salesforce journey, we work with leaders to strategize and optimize business processes, and design and develop solutions across every Salesforce cloud. We empower companies to innovate faster, better engage with customers, and improve bottom lines. 

CRM Science is a Salesforce Silver Consulting Partner and a Registered Partner. Our strategic consulting services were recognized by Salesforce in four consecutive Salesforce Partner Innovation Awards, an annual recognition for partners that deliver outstanding client success. 

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