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Dreamforce Is Here. Six Reasons We’re Excited!

Reason's We're Excited For Dreamforce 2022

This year’s Dreamforce is notable for several reasons, and I think we all know the biggest reason we should be excited. After living in a COVID-19 world, most conferences were canceled or were very small, with only a select few people being allowed to attend, but that’s different this year. This year, we’re able to see a complete return of Dreamforce, and better yet, this year is the 20th anniversary of Dreamforce as well! We may see the largest Dreamforce turnout yet for its 20th anniversary, and we couldn’t be more excited!

There’s a lot more to be excited about at Dreamforce as well. Whether it’s going to Dreamfest, listening to panels, or attending the events that we, CRM Science, are hosting throughout Dreamforce. During the week of Dreamforce, you’ll find various events hosted around and at the Moscone Center, where Dreamforce is hosted. There’s a lot to be excited about and a lot that you’re not going to want to miss!

1. Look for the Lab Coats

Dreamforce will host tens of thousands of trailblazers, contacts, potential clients, and many partners, including us! We encourage you to reach out and interact with us at Dreamforce this year! We will be there and would love to see everyone and meet with anyone interested in meeting with us. Many of our key labcoats will be there, including Ami Assayag, Kirk Steffke, Joe Griffith, and many more! Regardless of what you want to reach out for, we encourage you to schedule time to meet with us, and we look forward.

2. Discover a New Career

With the large influx of various organizations and partners, there will be many opportunities to chat about a new career. Our Talent Acquisition Specialist, Charlene Steffke, will be at Dreamforce this year and is excited to meet with anyone interested in a career at CRM Science. You can find her on Twitter and LinkedIn, but you’re also welcome to make a request on our website as well! She’s looking forward to meeting all of you!

3. Coffeeforce at CRM Science HQ

Our coffee-themed event we call “Coffeeforce” will be held at our HQ at Readisuite. We encourage all Dreamforce attendees to stop by and join us for handcrafted coffee that is made via Aeropress & pour-overs. We will also be featuring specialty coffees such as a high elevation medium roast house blend as well as a fruit-forward high elevation natural process light roast. Skip out on the conference coffee and come enjoy some of our specialty blends. You can find more information on our website here!

4. Dreamfest

This year’s Dreamfest has a major headlining band this year, and that band is the Red Hot Chili Peppers! If you’re at Dreamforce this year, you should definitely come out to Dreamfest and experience an unforgettable experience with such a legendary band! It’s not often that you’re able to see a live performance from one of Rock n’ Roll’s greatest!

5. CRM Science & Aidentified Party

This year, CRM Science & Aidentified are partnering to host an invitation-only Dreamforce ‘22 party at the exclusive Wingtip Club. This event is something that we’re super excited about, and we’re hoping those attending have a great time!

6. CRM Science’s Taylor Kingsbury Presenting at Dreamforce

At this year’s Dreamforce, our own Taylor Kingsbury, Technical Architect, will present and host a panel at Dreamforce 2022. Join Taylor for his session called "Simplify your Lightning Web Components using Quick Actions"! Quick actions provide a method for running your lightning web components from a record page with a single button click. He'll focus on how both headless quick actions and screen quick actions can be utilized to simplify and streamline the implementation of common tasks such as editing records and calling Apex methods. Focus your components on their intended purpose and let quick actions handle the delivery and presentation. We encourage you all to attend his panel and check it out!

CRM Science & Adentified Dreamforce Party, Coffeeforce, Coffee at Dreamforce


At the time of publishing this, Dreamforce is only 6 weeks away and we couldn’t be more excited! There’s much to look forward to at this year’s Dreamforce, especially since it’s the first non-exclusive in-person post-COVID. There are going to be a lot of new and seasoned trailblazers and we’re excited to see all of you there. Whether you are planning on attending events, meeting new and old friends, or are just attending sessions, we know that you’ll find many ways to have fun at this year’s Dreamforce. However, we encourage you to visit our Dreamforce page and check out some of the events that we planned for this year, and maybe set up to meet us!

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