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CRM Science Salesforce Release Notes Review - Summer ‘22

Salesforce Summer '22 Release Notes, Salesforce Clouds, Salesforce for Slack

Welcome to the Summer ‘22 version of thrice-annual celebration of what brings value to your Salesforce licenses, a new release! In the following blog we’ll cover the most exciting parts of the Summer ‘22 release notes, focusing on what we believe are the most important and tactically useful new and improved features.

Salesforce crams so much new stuff into every release that it’s difficult to keep up with everything. So today we’ll provide a focused review of some of the most useful and important changes coming with this release.

Sales Cloud

Be sure to dig into the Sales Cloud Overview to see all the changes coming to Sales Cloud. Here’s a few exciting features and time-savers:

Service Cloud

Make sure you check out the Service Cloud Overview in the release notes so you can see all the improvements coming to Service Cloud, it looks like there’s been a lot of work done such as:

Experience Cloud

Some big changes have been made to the backend of Experience Cloud sites that will be providing your Experience users with a faster, easier to use front-end, and your builders with faster and easier ways to get modifications and features deployed:

Industry Clouds

With so many different and varied industry verticals available in Industry Clouds, make sure you check out the Industry Clouds Overview, here are some improvements for our two favorite Industry Clouds:

Industry Clouds for Salesforce Sample

  • Interest Tags can be enabled in Topics for Objects to help identify, sort, and segment your customers to identify new opportunities

Don’t forget to take a look at all the good stuff coming to other Clouds as well:

Salesforce for Slack (Beta)

Slack might be the most exciting thing to happen to Salesforce ever! Imagine having your users interact with Salesforce data and features from where they live most of the day, in Slack!

You may have noticed a lot of Slack being highlighted above in our recap of the new release notes, well that’s because a lot of attention is going to be going toward Slack and how it interacts with Salesforce in the future, and they’re making a lot of things available in this release, make sure to review the Salesforce for Slack Release Notes, here’s some additional highlights:

For Admins and Developers

Salesforce Admins and Devs are certainly getting some new power tools to help make their lives easier, as well as expanding on the possibilities of what they can build, below you’ll find some of the biggest improvements the builders have ever seen:

  • I’ve seen some massive implementations grind to a halt because a modal wouldn’t allow for interaction with other things on the screen like CTI dialers, now we can Keep Working with Tab-Focused Dialogs allowing for a dialog modal to be only within the tab of a console so that we can still interact with all of the other features of the console

  • Salesforce and Amazon are getting more and more in-sync and now that Salesforce Connect Adds New Adapters to Bring in AWS Data that relationship is much stronger, being able to use Salesforce Connect to access AWS data natively from DynamoDB and making queries natively against Amazon Athena is a pure game changer.

  • Admins are getting new power with the ability to Strengthen Formulas with New Functions, we’re getting new DateTime abilities with easier formatting, the ability to return what number day of the year it is, and even getting a Unix timestamp. The Math functions have been expanded to include abilities to calculate against that Unix timestamp find cosines and tangents, and even return PI (Our favorite is PI which returns PI!)

  • Another cool features is the ability to Customize and Filter Related Lists in the Lightning App Builder, instead of modifying related lists from the classic page layout, we can now dynamically customize related lists on the LIghtning Page, this lets us do cool stuff like show a related list of Opportunities ready to be closed, while also seeing a related list of Opportunities that may be danger and need intervention

  • If you love Address fields, well have I got news for you, we can now Create Custom Address Fields (Beta), now we get to enjoy typing BillingStreet, BillingState, BillingCity etc etc as custom fields like SecondHomeStreet__c, SecondHomeState__c, SecondHomeCity__c; Joking aside, this is actually an incredibly useful ability that has been sought after for years and will help bring address management out of the dark ages

Code Example for Saleforce Flows for Slack beta

  • Developers should definitely take a look at the Developer Overview there’s some really cool stuff coming to help LWC catch up with the standards of Web Components, as well as some power being thrown back to the core of Apex development

  • Apex Overview

    • Secure Apex Code with User Mode Database Operations (Beta)

      • Currently, we can choose at the class level whether to respect Security and Sharing settings or to disregard them and run in a system context with elevated permissions. There are definitely operations that need to be completed in each, but what happens when you need both? Well now we can decide at the database level, run queries WITH USER_MODE or WITH SYSTEM_MODE to define the level of access at a more granular level

    • Call External Services Registrations from Apex

      • Once an external service is registered, we’ll be able to access it natively inside of Apex without having to use an HTTP class or having a structured JSON class


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