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CRM Science Journey From Analyst To Salesforce Developer

Not everyone plans to enter the Salesforce ecosystem, it can happen by accident or by chance. Regardless of whether someone had planned to or accidentally entered the Salesforce ecosystem, it’s a fact that it’s a technology that requires a lot of willpower, dedication, and hard work to be successful.

CRM Science’s Robert Davis is among the rare breed of Salesforce developers who wasn’t planning on going into Salesforce, however, he was given the opportunity to do so and he ran with it. Having over 8+ years of experience in Salesforce and multiple certifications, CRM Science was ecstatic to get him on board.

Starting Out

In November 2008, nearly 224,000 Americans were laid off as the Great Recession began and Robert was one of those affected. When asked, he quotes Harry Truman who said, “It is a recession when your neighbor loses their job, it’s a depression when you lose yours.”

The skills that he had learned during his fifteen years in supply chain management allowed him to quickly find a temporary job as a Data Analyst. “Two weeks into my new job, the Salesforce Administrator quit, and I was told ‘Salesforce is a database’ you can do that too.”, and this influenced Robert to start his new career in Salesforce.

Launching a New Career

The temporary job soon became a full-time position and as the firm grew so did their reliance on Salesforce and its reporting. That small Salesforce organization allowed him to grow and learn as the platform quickly added new abilities to customize, report and automate. “In 2009, the platform was innovative but the scale and features were considerably less than today; I was watching the platform and my skills develop concurrently.”

Joining the Nashville Salesforce User Group allowed him to learn from others who had more experience on the platform. “It became a place I could go and talk to people who were experiencing the same issues I was having and learn about new features, skills and how they had addressed challenges.” Robert was able to create a professional network that consisted of friends and resources that only grew larger once he joined Trailhead Military and attended events such as Southeast Dreamin’ and Dreamforce.

While working with stakeholders to improve their processes, accuracy of their data, and the overall user experience, Robert had gained knowledge that allowed him to take on responsibilities such as working with large international organizations, supporting multiple integrations, and managing packages.


It was natural for him to demonstrate his growing expertise by gaining certifications. By providing a goal oriented approach to learning with a tangible reward, this incremental learning process has earned him eleven certifications. “Each certification is a milestone, but teaches me consistently the breath of the Salesforce products and my need to continue to study.”

Becoming a Developer

Implementing solutions as a project manager, business analyst and system administrator fueled his curiosity to increase the tools at his disposal. In 2019, Robert decided to accept a position as a Salesforce Developer at CRM Science. “Building integrations and combining the declarative tools of Salesforce has allowed me to be part of teams that build amazing products and functionality.”

“At CRM Science my co-workers amaze me daily and make me better at what I do”. Robert works with both our System Integration and Professional Development Outsourcers Teams helping clients realize the power of the Salesforce platform.

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