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CRM Science Salesforce Analyst Journeys into Marketing Cloud

CRM Science Salesforce Analyst Kathryn (Zampino) Green

When grade school teachers talk to their pupils about future careers, Salesforce analyst is unlikely to be among the options. While advances in STEM education may see the tides change in coming years, CRM Science Salesforce Analyst Kathryn (Zampino) Green started college with the idea that she’d work with chemicals in a scientific role. But, after enrolling in a chemical engineering program in college, she realized she couldn’t picture herself in the field for her career.

Green felt a calling toward something that hadn’t initially presented itself when choosing what to study. The uncertainty about her chosen career path led her into the Salesforce world in a role she never knew existed, nor would she have predicted for herself.

Kathryn Green with Project Manager Leah Whitton
Kathryn Green with Project Manager Leah Whitton

Finding a place in the Salesforce ecosystem

“I wanted to be a chemical engineer, and I was for a little bit. I interned for a company in high school that made eco-friendly paint thinners, and that was my first exposure to chemical engineering,” said Green.

Marketing seemed like a better fit for her, so she changed programs and enrolled in a business program with a marketing focus at Penn State University. “I love marketing because it combines my passions for analytics and helping people solve problems in meaningful ways.”

When she was nearing the end of her program, Green applied to work as an assistant to CRM Science founder and CEO Ami Assayag to fulfill her internship requirement for college. She initially worked on administrative and marketing tasks at CRM Science, but that role quickly evolved when she expressed interest in learning more about the Salesforce platform.

In a previous role, Green worked as a business analyst for a large platform-as-a-service company, and she gained experience building cloud-based solutions for enterprise companies. So, moving into a Salesforce analyst role was a perfect fit for Green given her background.

Earning a Salesforce Administrator Certification

“I was added to a project when the team needed help and [my supervisors] realized I have a strong analytical background,” said Green. After that initial dive into the Salesforce world, Green immersed in Trailhead modules and earned her first Salesforce certification.

“I learned so much about Salesforce through trial and error and Googling things when I couldn’t find the right solutions. But, getting my Salesforce Administrator Certification gave me a strong foundation so I could understand the back-end of Salesforce and troubleshoot effectively.”

Green’s early days at CRM Science saw her working directly with end users to migrate existing data into a new Salesforce org. She said mastering Salesforce Data Loader in those early days helped her to build confidence in her work and really feel like she belongs in the Salesforce ecosystem.

“I was still new to Salesforce, and it was tough to picture what I was accomplishing while migrating data. I created my own Salesforce developer org and played around in there. That’s how I started to understand field mapping, and it really helped to solidify the work I was doing,” said Green.

Learning from Salesforce experts

Aside from digging into Trailhead and working in a Salesforce developer org, Green said she learned the most about how to be a Salesforce analyst from working with CRM Science Solution Architect Linda Johnson. “Linda taught me how to solution design, build requirements, write user stories, and how to troubleshoot. We’ve had a lot of Zoom calls where she walked me through things and we solved problems together. She’s really patient and explains everything really well.”

Thriving with Salesforce Marketing Cloud

With several Salesforce consulting projects under her belt, Green was eager to use her marketing experience and education to work in the Salesforce ecosystem. That opportunity came to Green when a CRM Science client project required her to assist in a Marketing Cloud project.

“I like working in Marketing Cloud, and I may be the only person to say it,” Green said with a chuckle. “Now that it has clicked and I understand it, I can navigate Marketing Cloud really well. There are less resources for learning about Marketing Cloud than other products, so I feel like I have value to add to the Salesforce community by developing my expertise in that area.”

Now with more than a year of experience at CRM Science and dozens of Trailhead badges and superbadges in her repertoire, Green continues to work in Marketing Cloud, Sales Cloud, and other Salesforce clouds to find solutions to enterprise-level CRM puzzles. However, Green continues to focus on Marketing Cloud with an eye on personalized experiences for consumers as well as linking marketing budgets to actual results.

“I like how marketing connects people to products that can enhance their lives when they didn’t realize there’s a solution to the problem they’re having. Marketing Cloud takes it a step further by calculating how much ROI companies are getting from their marketing efforts.”

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