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Boosting Client Engagement with Salesforce AI Technology

Boosting Client Engagement with Salesforce AI Technology

An experienced wealth management advisor delivers messaging to clients on a regular basis through multiple channels — from emails and social media posts to text messaging and snail-mail. Despite the effort, engagement with several clients remains stagnant.

This is not an isolated case. Client engagement is a major challenge wealth management advisors face when it comes to growing their businesses.

Leveraging the innovations of artificial intelligence (AI), the developers at Salesforce launched Einstein Analytics for Financial Services Cloud to build stronger relationships between wealth management advisors and the clients they serve.

Personalization for a Progressive Client Journey

Delivering the right communications at the right time converts unengaged clients into engaged ones. And, Einstein Analytics for Financial Services Cloud empowers wealth management advisors to convey messaging that’s relevant to the client and delivered through the clients’ preferred methods.

The suite of Einstein Analytics Apps gives wealth management advisors a 360-degree view of clients and the client household. This allows them to tailor communications based on milestones and major life events that affect clients’ likelihood to use wealth management products and services. For example, pre-built industry-specific dashboards provide daily insights to alert wealth management advisors when clients are not meeting their financial goals.

Einstein Analytics for Financial Services Cloud streamlines communication by enabling external data source connections, synthesizing the information, and delivering real-time insights via user-friendly dashboards. Clients enjoy more personalized experiences through the technology, which will send them on effortless journeys into financial freedom.

At the same time, Einstein Analytics was developed using industry-wide privacy and security regulations. Complying with privacy laws is paramount for the developers at Salesforce, and storing data in a secure environment is incorporated into all Salesforce products.

Seamless Migrations with an Industry Leader

Salesforce is the top CRM developer in the world, and Financial Services Cloud is the top-selling product for the company. Every facet of the platform is built to maximize ROI for professionals working in the financial services industry. By connecting with clients on a personal level, wealth management advisors will see higher client engagement — especially from clients who utilize wealth management products and services from multiple firms.

Using extensive research and innovations, like the CRM Science Migration Tracker, CRM Science leads migrations to Salesforce Financial Services Cloud and can incorporate the Einstein Analytics from the get-go. With tailored solutions and best-in-class expertise, CRM Science solves Salesforce puzzles to keep wealth management firms running efficiently and securely.

We would love to hear from you to learn about the data management challenges your organization is facing. Contact us to talk about your Salesforce Puzzles.

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