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September 28, 2017

Start Using Einstein APIs Now!


Einstein has matured and expanded this Summer and we've been on the front lines with Salesforce as the Resident Experts of the AI-focused Incubator. From these collaborations comes the CRM Science AI Lab - an admin-friendly accelerator for development teams and Partners to jump start Einstein API solutions.


Startups Are Hungry


For the last 5 months I’ve had the privilege to act as the on-site Resident Expert for the Salesforce Incubator, an intense workshop for innovative startup companies to get established and deliver their solutions to the Salesforce ecosystem. Getting to work with these creative and exceptional people has been amazing. These groups, and the hundreds like them around the world, are passionate about what they do. As startups, however, they need and appreciate all the help Salesforce and Salesforce Partners can provide.


The Confusion


At the beginning of the Incubator there was a barrier.  The common element across all of the participants was that each of their products or services leveraged machine learning but there was significant confusion about what Einstein was, how to distinguish all of the different products and technologies with the Einstein moniker, and how it could be leveraged pragmatically.

Much of the power of Einstein is becoming available through the flood of new features in the various Salesforce Cloud products (Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, etc.). You can get an excellent audit of these here.  Alas, these are non-extensible and cannot be customized.


“Where are my APIs?”


That’s not the whole Einstein story by a long shot. The first two questions these tech-oriented entrepreneurs asked us was, “Where are the Einstein APIs?” and “How can we quickly leverage them?” There are three now: Vision, Intent and Sentiment. (More information about the Einstein Platform Services can be found at They’re awesome but it only answers the first of two. It didn’t take long to realize that these lean, resource-strapped teams didn’t just want "APIs" but what they really want is flexibility to create solutions at the speed of now.

The Answer


And, thus, during our time shoulder-to-shoulder with Incubator Participants and Salesforce Einstein team, we developed the CRM Science AI Lab accelerator. Now internal customer teams and Partner SIs can immediately create new solutions that leverage the APIs at


Once installed, an admin-level user can create predictions out-of-the box. Technical staff can examine all the background details regarding the training and execution of the machine learning. It’s also extensible! Developers and admins can create post-prediction processes, like Flows, Workflows, etc. to make those predictions actionable, even extend with your own custom code.

Start Using the APIs Now


Ready to get started? Head to the CRM Science AI Lab for all the details now and keep an eye on it: We’re working closely with Einstein team so that new APIs will be reflected as they’re released!

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