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Narrative Insights (BeyondCore)

Pattern recognition with narrative explanations using natural language generation.

BeyondCore is an enterprise analytics tool that bolsters business intelligence with computational and statistical analysis. capable of churning millions of diverse data points to find relationships among the numbers that you may have never considered. Though not a data scientist, you do run your own data and uncover a very surprising fact - the product returns are mainly occurring only in places with high air pollution levels. “The reason we play 20 questions, or rather 20,000 questions, with our data is because computers can only answer very specific types of questions,” BeyondCore Founder and CEO Arijit Sengupta explained during a recent interview. So, he added, rather than humans asking whatever broad questions they want and then drilling down, they should just let computers ask lots and lots of specific questions for them. “hunting for signal.” Once the software identifies something potentially significant, analysts can dig in and clean the underlying data or manually explore it on their own. Data scientists can even examine the statistics and export the code that BeyondCore generates into the R statistical analysis package.”


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