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What We Are Thankful For In The Salesforce Ecosystem

We've queried our Lab Coats and asked them to share their top things that they are thankful for in the Salesforce Ecosystem. What you are thankful for matters to us. Tweet us at @CRMScience and tell us. We can't wait to hear!

I'm thankful for the IdeaExchange as a way for an individual to voice their need for a bug fix, feature, etc.! It's a great way to get a community of other users behind them, and the idea. The IdeaExchange is how to promote an idea along and possibly see it through to be included as something in the platform. -Kirk Steffke

I'm thankful for the effort Salesforce has put behind all of the modules in Trailhead. It is a great way for new people to get started but also a great way to pick up all the new features that get introduced. -Panos Ekatos

I'm grateful for Trailhead for the huge amounts of educational resources. I'm grateful to the others in the community (shout out to David K. Liu) for all the educational resources they've provided. I'm grateful for the active members in the success community and on the developer forums for gently answering questions. All this deeply contributed to my ability to go from a part-time admin at a small business to a developer at the fastest growing Salesforce consultancy in the US. -Jake Richter

I'm thankful for the positive, confident, supportive and inclusive ecosystem that Salesforce has promoted and continues to listen to. Without that, I may have seen it as just another web-based tool 7 years ago. -Mike Katulka

I'm most thankful for the vibrant and generous #SalesforceOhana Community around the world, that supports and encourages each other 24/7 online and in-person. It is the most diverse, egalitarian, and passionate group of technologists and advocates I have ever encountered. They warm my heart and inspire me every day! -Alex Sutherland

I'm thankful for the new technologies that salesforce is investing in, like AI. I'm thankful that some of the recent additions to the platforms are maturing and creating a lot of activity like lightning and lightning communities, as well. -Ami Assayag

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