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ACTS And CRM Science Partner With Salesforce To Deliver Retirement-Life Success

We recently caught up with Peter Kress, Vice President, & Chief Information Officer of ACTS Retirement-Life Communities. Peter has been with ACTS that for more than 20 years, and is deeply committed to seeing that ACTS meets total coverage of a resident’s needs through smart systems, much of which is tied to, or built on, Salesforce. “We are happy to be in the Salesforce ecosystem,” Peter commented when describing how Salesforce is one of three major information systems that ACTS utilizes in its' daily operations.

CRM Science began its partnership with ACTS in 2013. Peter discovered CRM Science through the local Salesforce Developer Group PhillyForce, which is co-lead by Ami Assayag of CRM Science. Peter’s vision for a radical technological transformation of the retirement-life experience was matched by CRM Science’s expertise. “ACTS is in the process of a massive shift of its technology with the goal of staying ahead of its competition,” Ami noted.

Like any journey, the transformation of ACTS began with a first step. CRM Science worked with Peter’s team to enhance ACTS’ sales processes that had previously been set up on Salesforce. ACTS and CRM Science moved forward with the next step by developing App Cloud and Communities features and building a Salesforce customer service solution. As the relationship grew through these positive project outcomes, Peter’s vision for a 360 degree retirement-life experience took shape with the help of the CRM Science experts. Ami attributes the ongoing success of this project to a very lean delivery model of Salesforce expertise - “ACTS has different levels of stakeholders, and is enjoying having a high touch model from experts that have the actual skills to help them achieve their mission”.

The road map for Salesforce development at ACTS is extensive. CRM Science has consulted with Peter and the ACTS team on planning to meet the 21st century retirement-life needs with the right technology mix and Salesforce solutions. Some ongoing projects include Thunder IoT, Analytics Cloud, Lightning Experience, Marketing Cloud (Journeys), Enhanced Verticals, and continued development of communities and the App Cloud. “The approach we’re taking is to always be aware of the big picture while being very iterative in implementing new functionality,” Ami noted.

About ACTS Retirement-Life Communities:

ACTS Retirement-Life Communities (, based in suburban Philadelphia, is the largest not-for-profit owner, operator and developer of continuing care retirement communities (CCRCs) in the United States. Currently, the ACTS family of communities serves nearly 8,500 seniors in eight states: Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, North and South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama and Florida.

CRM Science can assist your organization in meeting the 21st century market with Salesforce technologies.

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