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Trailhead Basecamp in the Concrete Jungle of NYC #SalesforceTour

Salesforce Tour comes to the concrete jungle of New York City this week. Salesforce has carved out a place for developers, admins, and technical architects to gather together to learn from one another, and to enlighten attendees who have questions about the platform. It will be aptly called ‘Trailhead Basecamp’ – named after the massively popular gamified training program for introducing people to all aspects of the Salesforce platform.

Trailhead is self-paced training with an interactive tutorial for learning Salesforce. When a module is completed, the user earns a digital badge, not unlike those of Girl Scout and Boy Scout fame. Currently there are over 50 challenges in the Trailhead program, which can be accessed, online here.

​One might think that the various training and informational booths in Trailhead Basecamp would be solely served by Salesforce employees. Though there will be Salesforce developer and admin relations team members present throughout the Trailhead Basecamp, much of the area will be serviced by the Salesforce partner and user community.

CRM Science, as an official Salesforce Product Partner, looks forward to these opportunities to giveback to the broader Salesforce community, and will ​​be helping at the Code Coverage booth. Mike Katulka, Technical Lead at CRM Science gave his first code consultation during Dreamforce. His motivation is straightforward, "I like to see people grow in confidence!"

Appexchange Practice Lead, Kirk Stefke, said, "I did my first code consultation at the NYC Salesforce World Tour around this time last year. Lots of people know what they want to achieve, but don't know how to get to the end solution. The code consultations provide a great way to see people light up with excitement when you understand their issue and provide them with suggestions they can just go off and do on their own. Of course, if you see one of our CRM Science Lab Coats, stop us to ask a Salesforce question, get a calendar cube, or take a Salesforce Tour selfie. We really enjoy solving our client’s Salesforce puzzles. We can't wait to see you there!

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