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Challenge 5: Magic 8 Ball

Dreamforce is next week! Who saw that coming? If you follow us on Twitter (@crmscience), you probably did. #CalendarCube.

Being next week, you might be strategizing when you're going to get your selfie in with SaaSy. With this week's challenge, we wanted to give you a way to wake up in the morning and definitely have an answer for "Will I see SaaSy today?"


You'll be creating a magic 8 ball like method that returns a string. This magic 8 ball, though, only answers one question... "Will I see SaaSy today?" You know, because a Dreamforce without a SaaSy selfie is like eating a cupcake without icing.

Within the method, determine how to randomly select return one of the valid answers.


1) Should be a static method - not strictly an Execute Anonmyous answer this time - see #3

2) The answer selected must be random

3) You should provide some sort of mechanism for ensuring that you don't get the same answer within 3 responses. Feel free to use anything. Extra credit for efficiency! When submitting, add a sentence or two that explains your choice.

Expected Results

One of the provided answers, but not one you received in the last two tries.

a) Answer 1

b) Answer 1 - NO!

a) Answer 1

b) Answer 2

c) Answer 1 - NO!

a) Answer 1

b) Answer 2

c) Answer 3

c) Answer 1 - Ok!

Starter Code

You must use the following code and can only add to the code provided below.

Link to Code: Gist

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