We had a great time at Dreamforce 2017!

CRM Science set-up camp in Startup Valley

Our founder, Ami Assayag, was a guest on the Salesforce for Startups Startup Valley broadcast recorded at Dreamforce, you can listen to it below:
Ami Assayag, Founder
Wednesday, November 8, 1:00 PM - 1:40 PM, Moscone West, 2024

Einstein offers a variety of Deep Learning APIs that allow developers of all skill levels to leverage the power of image recognition and natural language processing to build AI-enabled apps fast. With Einstein Platform Services, you can iterate quickly to build the most accurate models without the complexity of managing and maintaining them. Join this session to learn how to use Einstein Platform Services to make your applications smarter with deep learning-powered image recognition and natural language processing.

Kirk Steffke, VP Technology 
Wednesday, November 8, 11:00 AM - 11:40 AM, Park Central Hotel, Olympic

As an AppExchange Partner, are you trying to understand how your app can leverage Einstein? In this session, we'll discuss the various use cases and how AppExchange Partners can leverage Salesforce Einstein in their applications. We'll cover the Einstein Platform Services available today, provide demos of a few of the key capabilities, and share the roadmap for relevant updates. This session is a must-attend for any current and potential partners looking to understand how to integrate Einstein into their application. #DF17Partners

Mike Katulka, Enterprise Team Lead & Yad Jayanth, Enterprise Team Lead
Tuesday, November 7, 9:00 AM - 9:40 AM, Moscone West, 2009
Wednesday, November 8, 4:00 PM - 4:40 PM, Moscone West, 2006

Creating a Lightning Community using Community Builder is easier than ever, with numerous, powerful customizations available. This session will explore numerous customizations and integrations from custom Lightning component development to Visualforce pages to Themes and 3rd party JavaScript libraries. You'll also learn how to tap into Topics, Articles, Standard and Custom objects and much more!

Jared Snyder, Salesforce Developer & Matt Sherman, Consultant 
Wednesday, November 8, 1:00 PM - 1:20 PM, Moscone West, Ridge Theater

Create an impregnable website with Salesforce Communities! Doing so requires a combined awareness of the security best-practices for Salesforce internally and establishing a fortified community exposed to the world. This 20-minute session will detail the essential steps to cover all the security considerations you must manage presented as an easy-to-digest recipe.